Foundation for growth

Foundation for growth

Success always has a solid foundation. Kazakov Grand Loft residents know how to produce the right impression. Their status is perceived at a glance, as well as their ability to go straight to the point without wasting time on trifles. They know their worth, and this is felt right away.

The building of trendsetting architectural design is located in a quiet historical neighborhood, just half an hour’s walk from the Kremlin. All the city's most fashionable entertainment is close by, from theaters and exhibitions to restaurants and bars. Endless metropolitan vistas, City’s skyscrapers and Stalin era highrises are at your feet.

Grand Loft is conceived not only as a precious setting, but also as an assistant in business. One of the project’s central functions is saving time, which is probably the main resource for an active city dweller. Many tasks can be delegated to service providers, while household chores are done with just a couple of taps on mobile application screen.

Success always attracts success. And now this magnet is right here, in an area that is becoming a new center of urban growth. To see this, a quick glance at the verandas of local cafes and restaurants is enough.

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Craftwork offer

Like apartment units, commercial spaces on Grand Loft’s ground floors represent a unique offer. Their design features display windows and four-meter ceilings; the units’ size ranges from 20 to 127 sq. m.

Natural elegance

The location and status of the residential community guarantee a stable interest in retail. The premises are few, just about 700 sq. m: only the best deserve to become residents of Kazakov Grand Loft.

Thanks to panoramic glazing and high ceilings, the ground floor’s interior opens up to natural light, creating a feeling of open space filled with air.

The house looks just as modern inside as outside.