Focus on drive

Even though environment protection is one of the hottest trends, only a few can afford to give up their own cars in such a huge metropolis as Moscow. This means that underground parking is a must have for any project located in downtown capital.

Parking provides comfort and high-level security
parking spaces


Grand Loft’s residents have long forgotten about the endless search for a parking space: they just park at their own lot and then take the elevator to their apartment’s door. Kazakov Grand Loft guarded parking for 129 cars is located on the underground level: it is both a safe parking and protection of the courtyard from noise, traffic accidents and air pollution. An automatic barrier that responds to a special chip, video surveillance, convenient ramps and sophisticated navigation will help you park the car in a matter of minutes.

By the way, the parking lot is built taking into account all environmental and safety requirements: modern smoke removal and ventilation systems will not put residents at risk in case of an emergency. And no exhaust fumes, no matter what time of day you go down to your car.