Trendsetting solutions or classic moves tested by generations? There is no such antagonism today: classical solutions are more modern than ever, and the loft style is respectable and expensive. We do not promise that it will be easy to choose between a classic finish and a loft-style interior design: in Kazakov Grand Loft, each of the solutions is perfect in its own way. Just step into one of them.

We live in an amazing time, when the speed of change no more fascinates us, we just use the bonuses of hypersonic progress. The interior canons adopted at the end of the 20th century no longer work. Today, the ideal interior is a combination of the best that has been created by humanity over the centuries of development.

Such are the interiors of Kazakov Grand Loft, presenting a luminous classic solution with bright semantic accents, witty quotes from the world heritage, amazing lightness and abundance of light. The loft style with its intellectual macho attitude is undoubtedly respectable, obviously expensive, and yet full of air and unbounded creative freedom.

Both styles are cutting-edge and harmonious at once, both use natural materials for wall and floor decoration, as well as premium European plumbing and engineering that can serve generations of owners. Each decorating options may become a theme for a housewarming party, and each is easy to imagine in fifty years, as a timeless design solution.