Pinnacle of creation

In Kazakov Grand Loft, even such a seemingly classical format as penthouses has undergone evolution. The spaces on the 11th floor are created for those whose credo is limitless potential, whose element is air, whose vocation is to search for outstanding solutions in every area, including the choice of housing.

Our penthouses offer three dimensions to your creativity: not only do they have 5 meter high ceilings, but also terraces with mezzanines. At your request, a penthouse may accommodate   an office, a living room, a cinema, a billiard room and even a fireplace room. Yes, in Moscow it can be done even today: on the top floors of Kazakov Grand Loft, you can install a real wood-burning fireplace, not a steam copy.

Most importantly, you’ll have your own view of the city, to share with whomever you want. Thanks to the location of the building, the 11th floor presents unforgettable views of downtown capital in all its eclectic variety that is the very essence of Moscow: a mix of old buildings, Stalin era high-rises, parks and modern skyscrapers.

The living lights of Moscow night panorama can be contemplated endlessly

Balance point

Kazakov Grand Loft is located at the balance point of the main city routes. From here, it is easy to get to downtown and to any peripheral area. This place is literally full of life, it fills you with energy and helps you relax, it offers impressions and acquaintances, saves time and makes you feel always half a step ahead of everybody else.

Unlimited choice

Kazakov Grand Loft features more than 100 layouts, so you can always find a suitable solution. Some of them have two windows not only in the living rooms, but also in the bedrooms. If desired, adjoining apartments may be combined into areas with widest functionalities.

Дизайн-проект лота №1.10.7

Дизайн-проект лота №2.10.2