Kazakov Grand Loft

Our time, with its endless possibilities, reminds us of the eternal values: just being yourself and being close to loved ones is the utmost luxury. Today’s real millionaires live in Kazakov Grand Loft: perfect living conditions have been created in the house, and cultural life is in full swing just beyond the threshold.

Today’s real millionaires live in Kazakov Grand Loft

to Red Square (half an hour’s walk)

Smart luxury

Family life is happiness that can only be achieved together. Kazakov Grand Loft's smart service is ready to take over the lion's share of household chores so that you can devote time to what is really important: yourself, your family, your business - and the whole world that is open to you. No hidden costs – you get only the services you choose.

Drive, art, comfort

Kazakov Grand Loft includes more than a hundred layouts with an area of ​​up to 73 square meters, as well as spacious penthouses with a ceiling height up to 5.1 meters.

Grand vision

The upper floors of Kazakov Grand Loft offer elite housing: personalized apart-hotel units for those who choose from the best what will be the best tomorrow. Penthouses are the quintessence of premium home in the project. No neighbors upstairs and personal panoramic views of Moscow.


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