Streamlined luxury

Streamlined luxury

The drive we feel when we solve a complicated problem, and the state of flow that inspires us to accomplish what seemed impossible are just as important components of an entrepreneur's happiness as financial results.

Kazakov Grand Loft made sure that everyday tasks never interfere with really important matters. The concept of Smart luxury provides good taste not only in visual solutions, but also in the level of service: the house residents choose the options they want to use. Using a mobile application, you can set up your own service package in no time, or find a solution to almost any unusual task.

The house can also adapt to the needs of its residents: the smart home system is able to memorize all the main scenarios and adjust the lighting and noise level accordingly. No need to waste time, which is the most precious resource, on household chores. You know how to spend it wisely. Kazakov Grand Loft is an ideal environment for busy people.

Streamlined service

With an easy swipe in the application, select only the services you need, whether it’s walking your pet or cleaning the apartment. We don’t try to impose anything unnecessary, but suggest you make your own choice and pay only for the services you require. The range of services will pleasantly surprise you, and our tips will help adapt them to your everyday needs.


This section includes 5 services*:

  • cleaning service
  • house master
  • florist
  • babysitter
  • food delivery


Here are several services* available on the territory of the residential compound:

  • pets walking
  • baby-room
  • community area


Required minimum of items for sharing*:

  • scooter rental
  • electric bike rental
  • sports equipment rental
  • joint parking space rental


Premium services and 24/7* services:

  • valet parking
  • concierge
  • private chef
  • butler service

Our service is based on a system of adaptive neural networks and it will expand over time, offering new services based on the data received from customers, and discontinuing those that are not in demand, so that nothing distracts you from your priorities.