For you only

For you only

On the world map, you can easily find power places: metropolitan cities where most interesting things happen, destinies are shaped, and future is just around the corner. Moscow is one of these cities, and its map features special places of power, such as business districts, cultural neighborhood, or green areas.

Such is Kazakov Grand Loft, new residential project in Moscow’s historical neighborhood, a house with cutting-edge architectural design, with panoramic windows open to urban vistas, and city life is in full swing beyond the threshold. Exhibitions, theatrical performances, business meetings, the most popular restaurants, bar streets and walking areas - it all starts just outside the door.

Kazakov Grand Loft rejects the very idea of ​​standard anonymity, as it offers more than a hundred layout solutions, including panoramic penthouses with breathtaking views. We also reject the obsolete elite’s demonstrative nouveau riche luxury. Kazakov Grand Loft includes everything that the city will look up to in the future. And you are in the center of this world, as Kazakov Grand Loft residents use a mobile application to manage all the home systems of your home, get services, or order everything they need to be delivered.

apart-hotel units
with three types of finishing
ceilings height in apartments
ceilings height in penthouses

At first sight

The decoration of entrance units features reliable and durable materials, including the best grades of porcelain stoneware slabs, excellent natural stone, aluminum, and tempered glass.

Natural elegance

The interiors of the entrance lobbies, staircases, elevator lobbies and corridors are finished in noble colors typical of international modernism. The decoration combines natural stone bas-reliefs with wood and brushed metal.

Engraved panoramic glazing opens up the lobby to natural light, while high ceilings, light-colored floor at ground level and streamlined interior decoration create the feeling of open and airy space.

3 507
sq. meters

area of improvement

Riveting landmark

At night, Kazakov Grand Loft attracts the eye with its spectacular illumination, standing out against the background. The lighting system and carefully selected light filters bring out the facades, but also the courtyard with lawns and walkways, creating a romantic and safe image of your new home.