Happy to be together

Happy to be together

Today’s Muscovites can make previous generations envious. Just ten to fifteen years ago, the opportunities for self-development and recreation, which adult citizens enjoy today, were considered as a privilege of chosen few in the elite. To enjoy these opportunities to the fullest extent, it is important to choose the right starting point.

Residents of Kazakov Grand Loft have access to all key resources of the city: trendsetting theaters and art spaces, parks and walking areas, bars and restaurants are within a 15-minute walk. And yes, some of the best schools, gymnasiums and universities are also within a walking distance! In just half an hour’s leisurely stroll, you can reach Kremlin.

Don’t forget the historical value of old buildings, as the vicinity of Grand Loft is one of the few well-preserved historical neighborhood in Moscow.

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Safe territory

Grand Loft cares about the safety of its residents. The building’s territory is a private space with an area of ​​3.5 thousand square meters, closed to outsiders or car traffic. Cars stay in underground parking, while the courtyard is a place for walking, relaxation and outdoor games. After all, you are among friends here.

Natural elegance

The interiors of entrance units, staircases, elevator lobbies and corridors are finished in a palette of noble colors, characteristic of international modernism. The decoration combines bas-reliefs from natural stone, wood and brushed metal.

Engraved panoramic glazing opens up the interior of the lobby to natural light, while high ceilings, light-colored floor at ground level and streamlined interior decoration create the feeling of open space filled with air.

Green spaces

Kazakov Grand Loft yard is literally brimful of greenery. Maples, willows, lilacs, jasmine, white cedars and juniper, flowers and medicinal herbs abound on the territory of the residential compound, where you can enjoy fresh air and admire the work of landscape designers all year round. It is easy to believe that Moscow is the greenest city in the world.

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